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2022 in the Studio with Graeme

2022 begins in the art studio:

The past few weeks have been joyfully spent on personal projects, all aiming to fill a fantasy exhibition in 2023, full of dragons, hippogryphs, phoenixs and other beasties.

Springing in amidst this hive of creative activity comes a little hippogryph and its adventures, a set of forty or so sketches, plus a rough draft for a kids book, which streamed forth from my imagination over the past month. I am keen to see where this adventure leads - hopefully to a published children's book! Written and illustrated by Graeme Compton would look really good on the cover.

Early in the year, there will also be a book launch for Pat Clarke's latest children's book, 'Tales from the Magic Forest', along with an exhibition of prints of the illustrations. (Dates to be announced.)

In March, the CREATE exhibition will be held and one of my pieces will be among the works of some amazing artists from our local region and beyond. If you are in need of pictures, for a book, or a wall, or even for your shirt, please feel welcome to contact me.

Samples of my work can be found here, or at:

I occasionally contribute photos of studio practice on Instagram.

Wishing you a brilliant, safe and creative 2022!




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