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About Graeme

Graeme Compton is a visual artist and illustrator. He was born in North-West NSW, Australia. He has loved drawing since childhood. He works from home and has a busy practice, completing commissions for portraiture and illustrations for children’s books, along with his work as a piano teacher.


Graeme’s subjects and styles are broad, from dragons to portraits, cartoons to realism. He works in graphite, charcoal, ink, acrylic and digitally.


In 2011 and 2012 he was selected as a finalist for the Mortimer Prize for Realism. In 2013 he was awarded Grand Champion for his work ‘Egret on Tap’ in the Gunnedah Art Exhibition. Over the past three years he has illustrated nine children’s books for author’s Pat Clarke, Emma Martin, Fred Strassberg, Alec Trost, Cherelle Flemming and Cassidy Jackson-Carroll, all published by Little Steps.


In 2015 his realist paintings were published in ‘Who’s Who in Visual Art – Masters of Realistic Imagery 2015-2016’, edited by Ulrich Goette Himmelblau, with a preface by Ernst Fuchs.


Graeme is currently working on two separate series. The first is titled 'Elephantisation' and includes transmorphic studies of famous portraits, with the subjects zoomorphed as elephants. The second series is fantastic in nature. Meanwhile he is busy holding visual arts masterclasses, workshops and beginner classes and completing commission work. He continues to draw cartoons for the elucidation and inspiration of his students.