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Graeme Compton by John Burgess 2021 - lores.jpg

About Graeme

Graeme is a visual artist who is fascinated by the real and the imagined. He enjoys exploring the psyche, symbolism, compassion, communication and comedy.


Graeme depicts his ideas in the form of elephants, dragons, birds and all manner of creatures, often anthropomorphising or zoomorphising his subjects. His styles range from fine art realism and surrealism, to fantasy art, illustrations and cartoons. He enjoys using all forms of media, including pixels.


He has won a number of art prizes and, since 2013, has illustrated 17 books for various authors, including Pat Clarke, Cassidy Jackson-Carroll, Gaille Walton and Glenda Lay.


In June 2021 he held his first exhibition of fine art, ELEPHANTASIA, a trumpeting success.


Samples of Graeme Compton’s artwork can be found online, on the walls of leading author’s living rooms, in the houses of many worthy folk, and the pages of the 2015/2016 edition of ’50 Masters of Realistic Imagery’.

(Photo by John Burgess Photography, with many thanks to John.)

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