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2019 approaches, alluring and full of promise...

2019 approaches.

I look up from my drawing board and see a future full of creative opportunities and possibilities.

First up, the House of Illustration's BIC 2019. Slated for illustrators to try their hand at re-imagining: 'Howl's Moving Castle' by Diana Wynn Jones. Here is a project to draw my attention - something with a bit of magic! And that castle is such a wickedly slinky, sensuous abode of faulty goodness! Here I sit, sketching ideas with keen focus.

And then there are my friend's puppies, which have patiently sat in the plastic pockets awaiting translation from photo to graphite. A commission to complete.

My wonderful author friends lurk in their offices, leaning over keyboards, laboriously alliterating and realising literature, which will want pictures.

'The Elephantini Marriage' requires a follow up piece, for an exhibition three or four paintings maketh not. The canvas for this awaits quietly in the stack of awaiting canvases, its blankness due to be erased.

My little elephantine elephantoon cartoons continue to grow in number. Prints of each will be briefly available and few in number.

And dragons always hover nigh. I promise, dragons will be drawn out of their hiding places in my mind and duly committed to canvas.

Apart from these beckoning tasks, there is the John Fries Award to try for, the Archibald to consider, the Moran to contemplate. Along with many other art prizes. Do I compete with fellow artists, or stick to building up a portfolio and completing commissions? Those prizes appear so attractive...

Much to study, guidance to be given, lessons to prepare.

And a piano to exercise.

Creativity 2019 has begun.



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