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i recently signed this beautiful print of one of my dragon paintings. The design of the dragon is my own, developed over decades of sketching dragons, thinking about dragons and writing about dragons. There is a story to go with this dragon, if I am ever able to complete writing the book. I envision this scene as the cover illustration.

This particular un-numbered print is destined for exhibition in our local CREATE 2023 Festival. The painting is a digital creation, with every pixel hand-rendered by me and then printed from a TIFF file by my friends at codeice printing. The hardware I use is a WACOM Cintiq Pen and Touch Display, Pro 32, along with Corel Painter 2022 and 2023 software.

It would be magnificent to complete a MUCH larger version of this picture one day!

At the same time, my little blue dragon is almost complete - here are some of the details.

And 'Mother of Pearl' (featured on the site front page in sketch form) is complete!

I'm looking forward to having some more dragons hanging about the house.

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