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Last weekend I held my first themed solo exhibition, ELEPHANTASIA, a profoundly satisfying experience.

The exhibition included works developed and completed over the past five to six years. Works such as 'Abbey Road Elephantised' (after McCartney and MacMillan), 'Vitruvian Elephants' (after Leonardo), 'The Elephantini Marriage' (after van Eyck), 'Elephandt Selfie' (after Rembrandt) and 'Elephant at a window' (also after Rembrandt) were finally finally displayed in a gallery together for the first time.

The effect of these energy-laden works presented in close proximity was intoxicating for me. And, both humbling and very gratifying, as the audience commended the labour of love.

Keeping the major works were a collection of my elephantoons, a series of Autophants and the last-minute inventions, 'Angelephants', which amused and enthused the viewers.

The creation of this body of work gave me immense joy and sharing it with others deepened that pleasure.

And now, time to move on to the other ideas which have been winging their way through my mind over the years: dragons and such.

In the meantime, if you missed ELEPHANTASIA, there are hints of it here; or you could contact me via social media and order one of the limited edition prints which are available - well, mostly available - they are running out fast!

Best wishes for the remainder of 2021!



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