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Wondering what happens next for the One-Eyed Chook Called Sheila?

For much of this year Pat Clarke and I have been conspiring - oh, wait, hang on, that's the wrong word - collaberating - no, that sounds too tame - we've definitely been conspiring - on the plot and pictures for the One-Eyed Chook's latest adventure.

Many hours of conferring, typing, sketching, editing, inking, worrying and colouring have brought about the sequel to Pat's popular Chook Book and the proofs have arrived today!

So, good reader, you do not have long to wait! And if you do not have a copy of the first chook book, 'A One-Eyed Chook Called Sheila', then you had best grab one! Because in not too many weeks 'The Return of the Fox' will hit the shelves, both organic and cyber, and you are going to want to know what happens...

Here is the tiniest sneak peek...

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