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2017 Illustrative Workout!

2017 started out busy and remained that way.

I had fun working with author Cassidy Jackson-Carroll for the first time, to produce 'Flavio the Flamingo', a story about a flamingo in search of his pink. In fact, we enjoyed creating this book so much, we are already collaborating on the next Flavio adventure!

Pat Clarke and I have also completed the sequel to the adventures of Elvira the wedge-tail eagle, called 'Elvira and the Triplets'. This is a heart-warming and funny tale about friendship, responsibility and love. Pat's bush animals show us what it means to care.

Emma Martin and I are currently adding another chapter to her Healthy Harvest/Edible Education project - a yummy set of recipes which will a-maze you.

A portrait of three beautiful children and their puppy has been waiting for me to paint it and finally it is done! The family are very happy with the picture, which makes me happy.

Along with holding workshops and art classes and working on my own long-term projects, it has been a busy year.

Hence this lonely article - perhaps I will spare a moment to give it some company soon...



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